Addiction Support Groups

Support Groups Addiction

While searching for support groups on the Internet, you may be overwhelmed with choices. Choose from Nar-Anon, Celebrate Recovery, SMART Recovery, or Al-Anon. You may find that a group will help you build your support network. In addition to sharing your experience and offering support, these groups will also help you learn about the addiction recovery process. Whether you choose to attend a support group or not depends on your personal preferences.


If you are a member of an Al-Anon support group, you’ll have already experienced the unique meeting structure. Meetings begin with a short opening and introduction, and newcomers are welcomed with helpful hints and information on confidentiality. During the meeting time, members share their stories of experience and strength. They also share hugs. This is an excellent opportunity for both you and your loved one to share your experiences with others who understand.

An Al-Anon group helps family members understand the underlying problem that caused their loved one’s addiction. The group’s members share their own experiences with addiction and offer advice on how to best help a loved one. A support group is free and widely available. You can find a group near you or online, and there are many different types to choose from. The goal of an Al-Anon group is to be able to help as many families as possible.


You can find out how to start a Nar-Anon support group online or in a local community. Nar-Anon meetings are led by sponsors, and are usually held in a public building or civic association. The format of the meetings is similar. They begin with a greeting and end with sharing personal experiences and information. If you are considering joining a Nar-Anon group, it’s important to know that all meetings are anonymous.

Family and friends of people with substance use disorders can become overwhelmed by the stress of living with an addicted person. Many people in this situation experience denial and procrastination, which can make it hard to seek help. Nar-Anon groups offer a safe space where you can share your story with other family members and peers. Having a safe place to talk about your experiences and share feelings with others will help you cope better.

SMART Recovery

The SMART Recovery program is an internationally recognized, non-profit organization that assists individuals in achieving abstinence from substance abuse. The acronym SMART Recovery stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. In support groups, SMART Recovery participants can talk about their experiences with addiction, share their story, and get valuable advice. These groups are a great way to begin the process of reclaiming one’s life.

The SMART Recovery approach encourages self-responsibility, discipline, and motivation. Participants learn how to replace self-destructive thoughts with rational ones, set achievable goals, and be patient. Recovery requires understanding one’s own triggers and empowering themselves with information. Adopting a non-selective or non-inhibitory approach is important in avoiding relapse.

Celebrate Recovery

If you’re in need of a support group to help you overcome your addiction, consider attending a Celebrate Recovery meeting. Founded in 1991, this program is a vital source of support for millions of people across the world. Today, Celebrate Recovery groups are held at over 35,000 venues, including churches, prisons, recovery houses, and rescue missions. They teach lessons about personal responsibility, spiritual commitment, and the importance of the future.

Meetings of Celebrate Recovery are typically held in churches or prisons on Fridays. However, the schedule of these meetings varies greatly. Generally, they take place on Fridays and Saturdays, but some may be on weekdays. While the meetings are held on different days, the schedule is set each week. This makes it easy for participants to fit them into their schedules. Once you’ve committed to attending Celebrate Recovery meetings, it’s important to know what to expect.

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