How to Stop a Gaming Addiction

If you’re looking for a way to kick your gaming habit, there are several different ways to do it. Among these are therapy, cold turkey, and observing your behavior. While each of these methods is effective in varying degrees, you may find that they’re not enough in some cases. In such cases, you may want to consider one or more of the more extreme options. To begin, consider selling your gaming PC, console, or laptop. Extreme measures may be needed to get rid of all gaming from your life. Be prepared for strong withdrawal symptoms if you take this approach.


Video games and internet usage can be healthy, but excessive use can lead to a severe problem. Video games can be addictive, causing individuals to put their jobs and relationships on hold. The American Addiction Centers do not provide treatment for gaming addiction. However, many treatment programs are available across the country, providing hope to those struggling with video game addiction. Listed below are some of the benefits of therapy for stopping a gaming addiction.

Avoiding MMORPGs

If you’re struggling with a gaming addiction, one of the most effective methods is to avoid MMORPGs. MMORPGs can lead to extreme gaming behavior, ranging from starvation to suicide. To avoid this type of addiction, uninstall the game from your computer. Make sure the installation CD is out of sight, and give it to a trusted friend or destroy it. Avoid getting angry when you have the urge to play a game.

Cold turkey

To begin with, you can try to stop playing games altogether. If you are able to afford it, try to only buy one or two games each month. However, you may not be able to give up gaming altogether. If this is the case, you may need to change your lifestyle. You can become more social by joining clubs, doing community service, or even starting a band. Also, consider finding other hobbies and engaging in activities that do not involve games. This will help you control the urge to play.

Observing your behavior

Video games can be addictive. The hours that you spend playing them can cause serious consequences in your life. You might start lying to family and friends about your involvement in them, or you may even engage in illegal activities. The amount of time you spend playing video games may even interfere with your relationships or job performance. You might even become depressed and watch YouTube streams of other people playing the same games. If you can’t help but play them, you should seek professional help for your gaming addiction.

Avoiding stress

There are many ways to avoid the stress associated with video games. Video games are highly addictive and can interfere with other important aspects of a person’s life. For many, they are the only source of entertainment in their lives. However, video game addiction can be resolved with retraining the brain, reaching out for help, or replacing video games with other activities. Here are a few of them. Follow these steps to overcome your video game addiction.

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