Signs of Drug Addiction

Addiction Signs of Drugs

There are some telltale signs that someone is suffering from a drug addiction. These signs may not always be immediately apparent, but if you notice any of the following, you should seek professional help. Although many people struggle with the distinction between drug addiction and recreational use, the following symptoms are indicative of a substance abuse problem and should prompt you to seek help. There are also some other indicators that will help you spot an addiction before it’s too late.

Weight loss

If you suspect someone is abusing drugs, you might notice the following symptoms: a sudden and drastic weight loss; red or dilated pupils, drooping eyelids, a change in skin texture and color, or an abnormally dry or washed-out complexion. During the first stages of drug addiction, these symptoms don’t necessarily indicate a serious problem. However, as the drug use continues, they can quickly lead to more serious signs.

Defensive behavior

Addicts use defense mechanisms to keep themselves from feeling the painful consequences of their actions. These mechanisms are typically unconscious. They are designed to keep the addict at arm’s length from other people. Addicts use them to avoid questions and to avoid painful situations, like dealing with the death of a loved one. To overcome these defenses, addicts need to learn the common defense mechanisms and to put them to work.

Changes in personality

Whether you’re looking for a physical or psychological indicator of a person’s drug addiction, changing personality is a definite sign. Drug users may change their behavior, personality, or appearance as a result of extreme cravings. These changes may be drastic or subtle, but they are an indication of the person’s need for help. Listed below are some of the most common personality changes in those with a drug addiction.

Changes in hygiene

A person may show signs of drug addiction by changing their grooming and hygiene practices. Injecting drugs can leave behind small wounds and needle marks. These wounds may be present on arms, legs, hands, or feet. Depending on how clean the needles were, they may even become infected. Repeated injections can cause scarring. In addition, drug users may have poor oral hygiene.

Changes in grooming habits

A lack of interest in maintaining a sexy physical appearance is another indication of drug addiction. Often, people who use drugs show little interest in their grooming, which includes wearing unkempt clothing. Other signs include changes to the individual’s personality and perception of the world. People with drug addiction may also have problems sleeping, or show signs of antisocial or paranoia. They may also show changes in their sleeping patterns, too.

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